Delivery Realisation

The delivery of each project is broken down into manageable stages that are planned, monitored and controlled one stage at a time. As each stage completes, we review with project sponsors to confirm that the work completed has been successful.

Our preferred approach is to remain close to the physical delivery of software and hardware solutions, even when a third party is engaged to complete the required engineering and technical tasks. This approach supports the creation of training, documentation and acceptance tests.

All solutions that are either overseen or implemented by Elliott Media are validated using a clear testing and commissioning procedure, which is tailored to customers’ requirements.

The use of control points at the end of each stage allow us to review any potential adjustments to the project; agree upon corrective actions if required, progress to the next stage, ensuring that the project scope does not deviate from the original plan.

Elliott Media strives to employ Prince2 project management techniques. Issues and risks are captured and resolutions are actioned, if required they can be escalated to the project sponsors so that appropriate decisions can be taken to move the delivery forwards.